Luxury Masculinity

Man is desperately trying to find meaning in a world that is entirely pointless and without values or liberty, driving itself towards a cliff-edge.

Man talks much about his principled stand against ‘wokeism,’ but such things are really two sides of the same coin: a system that is all-pervading, all-controlling and utterly meaningless leads those from all walks of life to ultimately look for easy answers to try and make sense of the Matrix.

It’s completely understandable, for to have the courage to stare the true horror of it all square in the face is a strength which few, if any, possess (including Man and his ‘woke’ adversaries).

Man and his adversaries are incapable of dealing with complexities.

Man is just another peddler of simplistic demons and simplistic solutions: the demons being feminists, lefties and so on; the solution is to retreat into a juvenile brand of masculinity – to ‘talk straight,’ be ‘brash n’ bravado,’ espouse materialistic values and a male’s sense of entitlement towards women.

His adversaries are no less idiotic, simplistic and enslaved by US cultural imperialism: enemies being ‘whiteness,’ ‘the Patriarchy,’ amid all manner of other vague banalities.

Both sides like to brand themselves ‘anti-establishment,’ conveniently ignoring the fact that to be so would entail getting off social media … indeed, it would entail getting off the Internet altogether.

It would necessitate a wholesale rejection of the established order to usher in a renaissance of creativity and the imagination.

Both sides possess neither creativity nor imagination.  Both sides are establishment to the core.

Mental gymnastics: post-modernism’s legacy and the greatest ally to the intellectually lethargic – make no mistake, we are in a post-resistance era where dissent is written into the design.  There are no rebels; we are all conformists.

Man has retreated into a teenage, chauvinistic fantasy – bragging about how many girls you get off with at a party and if you’re the hardest in your year.  In this, he finds solace as conservatives do, retreating into their ignorant cowardice, blaming ‘Cultural Marxists’ for the nihilistic, globalised leviathan unleashed by their God-fearing heroes Thatcher and Reagan.

Needless to say, Man is a moron but, don’t get me wrong, part of me can understand the appeal from a certain point of view: Man appears adept at making a fortune from the gullibility of fools turning to evermore grotesque myths in order to cope with a complex and meaningless world.

Money, fame, women, zero responsibility, zero accountability, avoid real work …

In an empty, homogenised culture in which Man has evolved himself into irrelevance via his own ingenuity (the irony!), what else is there but Luxury Masculinity?

Thus begins the Age of Moron.

I can hardly wait for 2023.

31 December 2022

© Percival Alexander