The Noughties: Travelling Europe

During the noughties, I inter-railed Europe a few times taking in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.  I visited numerous galleries and museums and was often blown away by the beautiful architecture of the Continent’s cities and especially some of its landscape, particularly in Italy and Spain.  Highlights were numerous (too many to mention!), be it visiting Bilbao’s Guggenheim, strolling Paris at night after watching the sunset over Notre Dame, swimming across Mundaka’s estuary with a mate, Barcelona (where I got to see Barcelona play Athletico Madrid at Camp Nou), Lisbon, Italy’s charming Cinque Terre or being blown away by Michelangelo’s Basilica in Rome.  It was also a largely pre-digital time and I especially enjoyed discovering little record shops and getting a feel of the underground vibes of each different place (I recall one shop in some back street of Madrid that was really cool though the name escapes me!).  Alas, as with Aus’ and NZ, I don’t have any photos – just the memories.