Fuck Therapy

Psychology is arguably man’s most dangerous invention since religion: its primary use is that of a tool of control, a sinister means of manipulating the masses into a hopelessly obedient melancholy (see: Edward Bernays).  The psychologist will quote ad nauseam various theories in order to justify their analysis and put you in a box, with the sole purpose of fashioning yet another automaton serving the state, never to liberate you, much like a priest will refer to scripture in order to inform you of why you are a sinner and should conform lest you be punished.  They habitually refer to a plethora of ideas and high-minded theories, born out of elitist institutions (aka universities) serving the corporatocracy, while having not a single independent thought of their own.  The psychologist will study all manner of heinous crimes of humanity in order to ‘understand its mind-set’ but, come the revolution, when the state devolves into a fascistic or Bolshevik-style, murderous frenzy, they’ll be among those leading the charge creating propaganda in servitude of power convinced it’s all for the ‘good of mankind.’  And we turn to these people for therapy?  Fuck that.  Get a dog.

November 2022

© Percival Alexander