‘Life begins on the other side of despair.’ ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Percival Alexander is a writer, poet, DJ and author of Adrift in Amnesia and The Cycle Diaries. He is also a keen painter with a particular fondness for landscapes, not least that of his beloved native Dartmoor.  He enjoys listening to old school drum ‘n’ bass, longboarding along the seafront, riding his mountain bike through the woods, has travelled widely and aims to do more, possibly write about it. 

He considers himself as part of that great English tradition, from Blake and Keats to Orwell and Tolkien, in sharing a particular dismay towards the dehumanising effects of industrialisation and modernity. It’s not that he’s anti-technology per se, rather he despairs at the banal and increasingly authoritarian way we seem to be using it. For Percival, nowhere is this tragic state of affairs more obvious than in the arts, which appears to have become little more than an echo chamber for a kind of vapid, pseudo-leftist conformity. Modernism, in his view, is an abject failure.

Yet, still he writes, and still he dreams, hopelessly romantic fool that he is.

truth is vibe.

E: unityofkana(at)gmail(dot)com