Obedient Freedom

As the cost of living spirals, and a minority get wealthier, the rest of us poorer; never forget you are Free!

To own the same things from the same brands
Wear the same clothes from the same shops
Work the same go-nowhere jobs for go-nowhere money
Eat the same food and drink the same drink in the same restaurant chains
Watch the same movies and TV shows with actors who hold the same opinions about everything
Look at art by artists from the same institutions who read the same theories and make the same work
Dance to the same music at the same corporate ‘festivals’
Be influenced by the same things by influencers who all look the same
View hundreds of news channels and read different newspapers reporting on the same things
Read the same novels by the same authors all toeing the same line
Think the same thoughts through the same social media sites
(Expressing your ‘uniqueness’ in the same way as everyone else)
And vote for different political parties … who all turn out to be the same!

Never forget how lucky you are to live in an advanced civilisation that has learned an ecocidal, homogenised cultural landscape fuelled by techno-fascism and war feeding the rich is the true face of freedom

And we’re only getting freer!

June 2023

© Percival Alexander