Western Values

‘Give up hope, look at me, dreams are for suckers!  Ain’t no future for you!’  ~ Ashtray’s father (Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood).

There is no such thing as a ‘dream job.’  There is no ‘land of opportunity.’  It’s all a con, a lie, a mirage, a piece of shit – shit opportunities, shit jobs and shit pay so you can buy more shit and serve the insatiably greed-driven, psychopathically vampiric rich … and then you die.  That is the reality for most of us; those who put up with it are simply better at kidding themselves than others (usually with the aid of drugs, porn, gambling and/or alcohol).  When a realisation inevitably cuts through the fog of incessant bullshit clouding one’s mind amid the barrage of soul-sucking banality within a wretchedly nihilistic, consumer-mad, mind-penitentiary of a zombie system, when reality hits, few can endure the pain of staring omnipotent horror square in the face, hence the high suicide rate.  We live in a culture that has no justice, no art, no love, no beauty, no romance, no joy, no democracy, no freedom, no reason, and which is not even remotely connected to anything that could be deemed ‘divine.’  It’s all just a vapid, corporately packaged delusion; an automated prison of which there is no escape.  Western values have long been as empty as the false hope it perpetually sells to suckers in the form of homogenous ‘dreams’ chased like dragons.  Malaise is part of its design – there are no ‘values.’  There is no ‘hope.’

November 2022

© Percival Alexander