The Secret Forest’s Magical Theatre

This was a collaborative project with Thailand-based artist, Panorjit Palatthuam.  In Zen Buddhism, an Ensō is a circle that is hand drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.  In this project, I began experimenting with Ensō circles and cut-ups from poems I had written composed of ten syllable lines.  Each line was pulled out of a box at random and composed into a four line, forty syllable haiku – the structure referencing the four equal sides of the Mandala.  Each circle was filled with colours of the rainbow (seven main chakras) and the text hand written onto the paper.  I created thirty six pieces and sent them to Norj in Thailand.  I asked her to choose one to keep and place the rest as she saw fit around a forest in the Phetchabun province of North Thailand, upon which Norj emailed a number of images to me.  The title of the project took inspiration from, ‘Steppenwolf’ by Herman Hesse, one of Norj’s favourite books.

2012, photography by Panorjit Palatthuam.