Who Am ‘I’? Who Is ‘She’?

Santa Cruz denim jacket
Kernowfornia sweatshirt
Vision Street Wear t-shirt
Black scarf (brand unknown, can’t recall where I got it)
Globe jeans
Bench boxers
Black ankle socks (bought on Amazon – brand unknown)
Adidas Terrex trainers (Gore-Tex)
Berghaus rucksack

Somehow, these brands are ‘me
I do like the style
The colours
The logos of that
Which I pay to advertise
Somehow, it feels like ‘me
I can’t say for sure why,
I used to skate, BMX
Occasionally surf
More recently hiking,
Mountain biking and carveboarding
Have tickled my fancy –
Grown-up versions of teenage kicks
I suppose you’d call it
I don’t think man ever
Grows up,
How can he
In a culture like this?
Been single for a while now
Maybe I need to re-brand
Though to what?
Who am ‘I‘?
What is ‘me‘?
Who is ‘she‘?
What will ‘she‘ like?
The adverts all seem to know
Given that I do not!
When you are skint
Looking at eviction
(another story)
You don’t really exist.
Maybe ‘I‘ am just a rich man
On the inside
Waiting to live his dream
So suave
So desirable
Maybe I should trade
The grungy old skater
For a more sophisticated look?
Calvin Klein
Hugo Boss
Maybe ‘I’ am a boss!
Will women see an attractive ‘me’?
Alpha Male
That’s what they all want –
A complete twat
Despite feeling uncertain if
Any of that is ‘me
But then what does ‘she‘ care
If ‘I’ become her fantasy
When ‘she‘ doesn’t even
Know herself?
Or perhaps it’s time to go
Full grunge
And source an entire wardrobe
From charity shops,
Get rid of all the current stock
Bought new
And only buy second hand from now on
So ethical,
She‘ will surely like
An ethical ‘me
Won’t she?
Grow a beard
A sensitive twat and
A ‘me‘ that says
‘I don’t care what people think!’
Which is true
Of no one …
That’s the point.

15 December 2023

© Percival Alexander