Thought Crime

Just how free are you?

What is ‘Democracy’?

Did you vote for Google, X and Facebook?
Did you vote for Apple, Android, Amazon, Microsoft
and Taylor Swift
to pervade
all existence?
Did you vote
for billionaires
to purchase your mind
and control your desires
for a dime?
Is pouring your heart out on a Chinese platform,
like everybody else,
freely expressing your ‘uniqueness’?
Is it free to be ‘influenced’
by people
who all look the same,
talking in the same way
about the same things?
Did you vote for the Smartphone
caressed like rosary beads,
and that damn screen
you gaze at so blankly,
in the palm of your hand?
Did you vote for Big Tech’s
colonisation of your life?
Did you vote
for a monetary system
conjured from nothing
endlessly enslaving you
via the sorcery
of interest?
Did you vote for that
obnoxious billboard
or that irritating pop-up
telling you to shut-up,
Consume and Obey
like everybody else?
Did you vote
for your cloned
High Street?
Did you vote for war
bombing the poor
and feeding the rich?
Did you vote for the BBC,
or the Murdoch press?
Did you vote
to live
in rentier Britain?
Did you vote to think
and speak
like a neurotic,
self-absorbed American:
‘The Patriarchy’
‘Respect my pronouns!’
Did you vote
for the Gods
you’re told
to believe in?

Did you vote to look at art,
every bit as clueless
and apathetic
as peddlers of bullshit
known as ‘critics’,
born out of like-minded institutions
feeding cultural homogenisation
perpetuating an endless cycle
of conformity and despair?

Did you vote to be alienated
from your own humanity?
Seriously, tell me exactly
what part
of being human are you
actively involved in?
Do you grow your own food?
Do you hunt and gather?
Did you build your own house?
Are you attuned to the seasons?
Do you travel where the wind blows?
Do you make your own clothes?
Is family and community
an important part of your life?
Do you sing
the songs of your ancestors
around a campfire?
Do you even have a fire!

People scoff at me
‘Percival, you think too much!’
individuals like me have to,
for most do not think at all
hence individuals like me
pick up the slack
in a tragically beautiful loneliness.

There is no wealth where I am from
nor where I’m going
I have
No status
No connections
No direction
No prospects
No liberty,

I am the Nowhere Man
who sees

the Devil is alive and well,
as captain of the guards,
presiding over
meaningless Hell.

January 2024

© Percival Alexander