The Orhuxkan World

The Orhuxkan World

Is it ‘Orwellian’, ‘Huxleyan’ or ‘Kafkaesque’?  I encounter so many arguments putting the case for each.  None convince me.

I look around me as I walk through streets saturated with slogans every bit as meaningless as they are insipidly repetitious; surrounded by vacant smiles staring blankly into screens, entranced by the ubiquity of its divine blue light, thoughts colonised as they apathetically scroll through an eternal void of endless banality.  I see a world hooked on a collective techno-soma, adrift in a Post-resistance Era of fleeting pleasures where Consumers have become the Consumed.  It’s a Huxleyan world all right!

Then I turn on the news and read the papers.  I learn that yesterday’s hero is today’s villain, and what everyone knew to be self-evident a mere 5 years ago now makes you a genocidal Nazi.  I observe a media empire create monster after monster, only for those monsters to grow too big, become exposed or turn against their creator.  In response, the empire rallies against that which it was instrumental in creating, very much hoping to destroy its troublesome offspring, while at the same time pretending it had nothing to do with creating them in the first place.  I look at the constant deletion and reinvention of history; the manipulative use of language blinding the masses in servitude of a faceless power.  Ironically, despite offering a universe of information at one’s fingertips, humanity has never been more divided and confused.  ‘Aha’! I think to myself, ‘the world is definitely Orwellian!’

Then I apply for a job in the NHS.  My application successful, my interview ‘brilliant’ they tell me.  I am excited at the prospect of a new opportunity, which soon wanes upon dealing with its notoriously slow HR.  I am bombarded with paperwork, which is incomplete.  I am given ‘contacts’, none of who are on the end of the phone, are slow to answer emails (if at all) and are out of the office more than they are in it.  My new manager is keen to get me on board though is powerless to help when things get slow and frustrating, ‘sorry but I’m unable to help and everything has to go through recruitment’.  No one seems able to advise me, nor seems able to give me any idea how long the admin process will take before I can actually start work.  It’s almost like they exist in a parallel universe where people don’t have rent to pay, food to buy and a car to run.  No one seems to be in charge and yet, somewhere, there is clearly an authority; it has very specific requirements although no one can clearly articulate what those requirements are, just that things are required and there’s nothing they can do to help.  Surely, then, it is all a bit ‘Kafka’?

Then it hits me: we are neither Orwellian, Huxleyan or Kafkaesque but rather a monstrously dystopian hybrid: the world is in fact ‘Orhuxkan’!

In the Orhuxkan world, feckless politicians wax lyrical about ‘freedom’ and our ‘way of life’, of which the aforementioned howl captures in a nutshell.  It is a meaningless, vapid dystopia marching towards its own destruction to increase the fairy-tale profits of elusive psychopaths.  This collective insanity is upheld, in no small part, by the very ‘leftist’ institutions it claims are against it: the arts, media, education, science, Big Tech and, most amusingly, even the military. 

The Orhuxkan world’s vapid, meaningless, ecocidal dystopia helps sustain itself most egregiously via the subjugation of the poor (i.e., the masses), often violently so through subverting democratic elections in third world countries to outright bombing and theft of their resources.  Those it demonises and destroys are frequently paraded as enemies to be feared.

There is no liberty, art, joy or love in the Orhuxkan world.  There is no appreciation of beauty, cinema is dead and music is basically on life support.  People are mere pawns, drugged by the soma of techno-fascism where the only thing that matters is absolute conformity to progress, with all its monstrous machines smashing its way through everything leaving a trail of death and destruction, greasing the wheels for perpetual consumption of its empty products.

In short, the vapidly meaningless, psychopathically ecocidal Orhuxkan world allows millions of the poor to die for nothing so a comparative handful of rich (or relatively privileged) can live for nothing. 

In the Orhuxkan world people are literally eating themselves in an endless nightmare intent on destroying itself.

It is a world consuming itself to death.  It is a world that is utterly pointless.

Welcome to the world.

23 September

© Percival Alexander