The Orhuxkan World Part 2: It’s an Endless Charade 

‘Every crumb of our stupid modern existence has been turned into a meaningless commodity.’  ~ Anonymous

I do not look at art to feed any hunger for cultural nourishment, to broaden my horizons, to think, to feel or to contemplate beauty and the soul. I look at art to satisfy a societal obligation to be seen in the right way with the right people thinking, observing and doing the right things at the appropriate time. 

Art is merely an accessory that is part of the leisure industry: visiting a gallery and subsequently discussing the ins and outs of the latest contemporary fad is not really any different to the plebs who fix my boiler going to the weekend match and debating the latest VR ‘controversy.’ 

I do not read newspapers to be informed. I read newspapers to be entertained. The right-leaning media is far better at this, hence, I suppose, why the populist right is on the rise – the Trumps of this world are far more entertaining than their apparent ‘lefty’ alternatives (I use the quotation marks in jest – the Left has quite obviously been dead for some time!). 

The point is not to comment on reality as it is, rather reality as it has been constructed.

For example, the conspiracy theory that ‘Jews control the media’ is one which could easily be answered. Simply find out who owns the largest media companies to ascertain any backward affiliation to a particular fairy-tale and, therefore, as to whether media bias, such as that we see with the on-going Israel-Palestine issue, can indeed be reasonably inferred. If it turns out that many bigwigs in the media are Jewish, then it would not be an anti-Semitic belief, merely a banal statement of fact, i.e. people naturally side with their own team, be it Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Arsenal or Tottenham. 

However, as with so many divisive stories in the media, the point is not to interrogate reality as it is to seek out the truth and thus inform the masses, the point is to interrogate reality as it has been constructed in order to keep everyone divided and confused. This benefits only power, regardless of religion – they’re all the fucking same once you reach the top of the pyramid. The only people who benefit from this are those holding the privilege of a perennial gaze downwards (oh, and the artists whose work they purchase). 

The genius of the whole thing is that the very people it continually fucks over continually give power what it wants. 

And the show goes on. 

December 2023 

© Percival Alexander