New Year, Same Old Shit

Fools gather in the rain cheering…  

A New Year that will see:  

The same old wars for profit killing mostly innocent civilians.  

The same old empty consumerism in all its pre-packaged smiles.  

The same old ecocide to make way for the above (because the suits value a myth more than what is essential to sustaining us). 

The same old hollow speeches and broken promises.

The same old exhausted health service.  

The same old underfunded education system siloing the underclass.  

The same old lack of opportunity amid a banal, meaningless culture of mind-numbing conformity.  

The same old monetary system rigged to only pour up. 

The same old irony of human evolution into irrelevance via technology.  

The same old use of lawfare to protect political security.  

The same old corruption of power in servitude of greed and psychopathy.  

The same old elections voting for different parties unveiling an identical reflection.  

The same old obsequious complicity of vapid journalists in maintaining the status quo.  

The same old predictability of celebrities in all their tedious activism.

The same old homogenisation of everything by US cultural imperialism.  

The same old lack of risk in the arts.  

The same old atrophy of imagination.

The same old fading into pointlessness, further into darkness, death the only relief.

Fuck New Year.  

1 January 2024

© Percival Alexander