These pieces were created while I had my Tudor Street studio, 2012-2013.  I made a series of simplified versions of my dual compositions, mostly on scrap cardboard, then took a series of long walks and left around various locations.  Earlier paintings had frequently left me feeling frustrated – fraught with emotional density and nervous energy, which began to find new ground as my work gradually evolved from numerous experiments into drawing from the natural landscape.  At the time, I couldn’t be sure what compelled me to spend hours creating a number of works on cardboard only to leave them to the elements – just that I felt the ‘need’ to do it.  Years later, while reading Pat B. Allen’s ‘Art is a Way of Knowing’, it dawned on me that these images were seeking to harmonise a unity of body and mind with a broader consciousness.  Such themes continue to be explored in my Cycles Diaries, which in turn has helped to shape developments in my painting.