Studio 14

2016-2017, work space based at Eva Studios.  Projects included developing work/ideas from my Cycle Diaries and Compositions.  I also started experimenting with making short films, which can be viewed on my YouTube channel.  I supported myself mostly through teaching English at a language school in Exeter, after completing a part-time CELTA while working for a mental health charity.  I spent two weeks travelling north Spain, after which I began writing my first novel alongside continuing to develop new paintings, exhibiting prints at a gallery in Paris.  The school goes quiet for the winter months so I continued to support myself through working with the NHS Crisis Team based at the Cedars Psychiatric Unit.  I was already familiar with the hospital after visiting clients from a previous job, but I got the opportunity to actually experience working a shift on the ward, which was a real eye-opener and was hugely significant in helping to shape one of the chapters of my book.

Studies of Water (2017)

Along with looking at different drawing techniques for landscapes, I have been researching methods of painting water.  These pieces were created from looking at a technique, which breaks water down into four basic elements: the substrate, colour, surface of the water and the light (with particular focus on how refraction and reflection affects the surface).  I found it a useful thing to practice, not least in that it helped me to look at water in a new way, as well as helping to develop a means of expressing a sense of movement in my work.