Street Bits

2010-2011, I was signed off work for best part of a year after struggling for some time with difficulties related to my mental health.  Atos assessments, therapy, self-harm, isolation … being signed off made me feel worse; being creative helped get me through it.  I printed a selection of poems painted on plasterboard and fly-posted around the streets of Exeter, Plymouth and Bristol (an idea inspired by my DJing days and the old mug’s game of fly-posing for gigs).  I then re-visited each location to see how people had interacted with the work – tearing, removing, defacing etc.  This led to the idea of cutting up and reforming my poems, which I painted onto a mixture of wood and glass then placed around various urban, rural and coastal locations.  A process of revealing, destruction and renewal that somehow seemed to capture what I was experiencing at the time.  This would lead to breaking new ground (in more ways than one) with work developed in my Tudor Street studio.

I took a walk around Bristol and left 11 paintings in various locations.  The images draw influence from sketches of the coast and landscapes around Devon as part of my Cycle Diaries project, along with some of my earlier dual compositions.

I walked the estuary trail from Exeter to Exmouth (approx. 10 miles) and placed 101 paintings on cardboard along the way.