Spoken word piece with sounds produced from a mixture of field recordings and samples I found on the Internet.  Full poem below.

The Butterfly.

Butterfly, lying still upon the ground
Colours of a spirit meek as profound
I wonder, did you see normality
While flying over grey reality?

Your wings bid farewell to their flutter
Their colours a swan song as you exit the shroud
Away from this affluence which surrounds
Return to the whole elusive yet all around

Your stillness embodies a symbol of heaven
As from the earth you emerge into flight
Like a soul so pure and free but what becomes
Of your colours as you fall towards the night?

My search for answers brings forth storms
Raging through the underworld’s myths and illusions
Phantasmagoria’s shadows leave me forlorn
As I try to make sense of the dark’s intrusion

Bright colours of the world fall out of my dreams
As your soul departs through the seams of your wings
Butterfly, were you pilot or passenger
When obfuscated as a rainbow glider?

© Christopher Sharp

Sonic piece created from a field recording taken in Exmouth.

Ambient/dub techno mix I made.


1) John Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey (New World Music)
2) Deepchord – Electromagnetic (Soma Recordings)
3) Echo Delta – Anodyne (Cold Tear Records)
4) Textural Being – Raincloud (Cold Tear Records)
5) Sonitus Eco – Strange Figure up Ahead (Silent Season)
6) Dublicator – Nord (Self-released)
7) DeepDubing – Fall Silent (Deep-X Recordings)
8) Donato Dozzy and Neel – In Giova Alternative Mix (Original Mix) (Prologue Music)
9) The Nautilus Project – October Afternoon (Forest Roots)
10) Enervant – On Her Eyelashes There Still Glistened A Tear (Cold Tear Records)
11) Variant – “Someplace Else” (Echospace)
12) Vytis – Mitas (Cold Tear Records)
13) Optical Framework – Thunders of Stirra (Cold Tear Records)
14) CV313 – Seconds to Forever (Extended Live Excursion) I (Echospace)