If you think it’s only countries like Russia, China and North Korea that utilise state propaganda to devastating effect, think again.  Propaganda Blitz is essential reading for anyone who even remotely gives a shit about dragging British democracy out of its state-corporate gutter.


About a year ago, I exhibited prints at Galerie Métanoïa, Paris and this morning I received an email from the director informing me that he had included my work in a promotional video for Festival d’Art sacré de Senlis, 2019.


Spent two amazing months travelling Morocco, Spain and Portugal.  Sketches and photos from my travels can be viewed here.


I have published my first novel, Part One can be read for free here.


My fourth short film is taken from a poem I wrote a few years ago while experiencing quite severe depression and would take a lot of long walks across the city, mostly looking at the ground.  I initially made a spoken word piece out of it, but liked the idea of creating something more visual.  I decided to stick with the original recording as I really liked the sound effects and so filmed a few takes in the studio and subway nearby to accompany the soundtrack.


Been a busy bee in the studio developing new paintings from research and experiments largely undertaken in my Cycle Diaries.  Latest pieces can be viewed here.


My third short film draws from an artist statement I wrote that makes reference to Kandinsky’s ideas of the spiritual in art and how this has influenced developments in my own work.  The film’s title is taken from a phrase coined by Kandinsky, which basically translates as, “Inner sound.”


A little Dada-esque in tone, my second short film is taken from a poem I wrote about 8 years ago while working the night shift in a care home.  I had multiple ideas for shots, but I liked the silliness of a laptop around the face as suggesting certain technologies pull the wool over our eyes and in the end I felt a single take worked best.  The soundtrack is from Robocop for the ZX Spectrum, which I found online and thought it sounded suitably “hipstery” and ridiculous.


First things first: Happy New Year!  Speaking of first, below is my first foray into DIY film-making.  I’ve been writing quite a bit lately, from fiction and poetry to various musings on various things.  This piece began as a reflection on the state of contemporary art in relation to the wider world, which developed into the idea of creating a short film following the thoughts of an unknown artist, as he wanders solitary along the coast.


Had an amazing couple of days at the Paris opening.  The image above is the view from Montmartre near to where I was staying.  Lots of interest and positive feedback towards my work and I even managed to scoop a ‘Great Art’ award, which was rather unexpected!


Exhibition opens in Paris this week, click here for details.


Studio 14

All moved into my new project space based at Eva Studios.  Latest pics can be viewed here.


Been a while since I’ve posted on here so there’s a bit to catch up on!  I had a wonderful couple of weeks travelling North Spain, heading first to San Sebastian via train.  San Sebastian really is a beautiful city and I took in Bilbao en-route to Picos de Europa via a nice town called Llanes.  The bus ride from Llanes to Arenas de Cabrales has to be one of the most spectacular journeys I have taken and the national park itself is breath-taking.  Above, you can see my small tent pitched by the river in a campsite just outside of the town.  The weather was gorgeous and my initial intention was to get some sketches done for landscapes.  I got a few scribbles down and took many photos, but the main bit of inspiration came in the form of a novel!  It was actually an idea I had a few years ago while working in mental health, initially intended to be a film that turned into a book as I began writing it.  I then put it on the back burner and sort of forgot about it.  Travelling alone gives you the space and time to really thrash out new ideas and after 2 weeks I had a rough outline of the story and many of its principle characters.  I therefore decided to head home instead of continuing my journey, as I really wanted to research and develop the book.  My 2 weeks away were also something of a personal milestone: anxiety has been a real bitch these past few years that caused me to lose confidence in just about every aspect of my life, not least in my ability to travel.  To not only get away, but to also get out in wide open spaces and enjoy the experience was really something.  Funny how you miss the little things.  I am looking forward to another trip next year, possibly in spring (depending on work/finances etc.).  I’ll post some more travel pics on my site in due course.  The past month or so has been busy dividing my time between teaching and writing my book.  I have almost finished a rough draft of the first part and I think it will be written in 10-12 parts.  Writing is quite a challenge, but I’m enjoying it as a new project.  I have also just taken on a studio space with Eva Studios in Exeter and I’m looking forward to developing new paintings when I move in later this month.  My recent show in London was well received and next up is Paris where I will be exhibiting prints at Galerie Métanoïa from Dec 19, 2016 – 9 Jan, 2017.



I’m off to research ideas for landscapes.  Areas of particular interest include, Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada, Spain; Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal and the Rif and Atlas Mountains of Morocco (among many others).  I will not have regular access to the Internet but will do my best to reply to any email enquiries.  Hasta luego!


The Brick Lane Gallery has created a Facebook page for the upcoming show, details can be viewed here.


‘The sky has no surface and is intangible; the sky cannot be turned into a thing or given quantity.  And landscape painting begins with the problem of painting sky and distance’.  – John Berger.

Took a wonderfully long walk through Dartmoor woodland today.  A great day for some initial experiments with reductions, which I aim to develop larger-scale as paintings.


Upcoming Group Shows: Rural and the Urban, Brick Lane Gallery, 93 – 95 Sclater Street, London (18 – 28 Aug, 2016) and Un Seul Grain de Riz, Gallery Métanoïa, Paris (19 Dec, 2016 – 9 Jan, 2017).


I have been offered the opportunity to exhibit in group shows being held in London and Paris later this year.  Details to follow.


Problems with server: I have had some problems with the server going offline.  Somewhat frustrating and unfortunately beyond my control, but I’m told they are working to resolve the issue.  If you have any problems viewing the site then please try checking back later as it is not down for long.  You can also contact me via the site email.  Thanks.


I recently spent a few days in Tintagel to work on research, take in the sights and generally chill out by the coast.  I got a couple of sketches done and took oodles of photos of the wonderful landscape!


Click here to view some powerful and thought provoking images by photographer, Nick Brandt.  Leaves me wondering if we really have any control at all over the juggernaut of “progress” … and if it’s all worth it.


I’m supporting an initiative to build a pediatric cancer department in Gaza.  For more info and to make a donation, click here.


Reading the WikiLeaks Files not only offers an interesting insight into international relations, it also reveals the true functioning of the mainstream media.  I am currently working on a poem, which is intended to be in three parts, initially inspired by an article by John Pilger and a meeting with my brother, step-brother and my father.  Pilger is one of the few journalists I have time for and his article is one that reflects so much of my own feelings about the current global situation (including his rallying cry at the end about the arts), but I aim to merge this into a wider journey, which considers other possibilities beyond what many of us ‘lower downs’ are encouraged to see and accept.  I am also developing new ideas for paintings inspired by some of the music I have been listening to.  They are going to be minimal compositions (AKA ‘Reductions’), influenced in particular by some of the sparse, durational vibes from the likes of Echospace and artists on Cryo Chamber.


New compositions finished earlier today.  Images and reflections on a new direction can be viewed here.


Frosty morning on Dartmoor, on my way to a studio without heating, brrr!

20 Jan, frosty morning, Dunsford, Dartmoor.


Homelessness in Exeter has become increasingly visible the past few years.  Working in mental health, I saw firsthand the complexity, vulnerability and exploitation surrounding the homeless community.  I was also kicked out of home, aged 16, and had to navigate my way around the DSS but I feel I was comparatively lucky in also having some good people in my life to help get me through uncertain and complicated times.  Not everyone is so fortunate and I disagree completely with attempts to criminalise people without a home.  Quite frankly, I feel ashamed to live in a city where this can be seen as a solution – less because it would do any good, rather because the ‘riff-raff’ are making the streets look unsavoury during the shopping season.  Please take a moment to sign a petition against this.


New prints arrived today and are available to purchase online.


Yesterday, I ordered new prints to add to the shop’s current selection (hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks) and today I began work on a series of new paintings for my upcoming show in May.  I will be continuing to work from my Dartmoor studio and the paintings will take inspiration from the surrounding landscape, along with various bits from my Cycle Diaries in order to draw images from different seasons.  I am continuing to research the dynamic forms of Li, which is increasingly influencing my work and I have begun reading more into the Golden Ratio and its relationship to the Fibonacci sequence.  I have also become interested in the allegorical use of water in myths and spiritualism.


New and improved shop now up and running!  I’ve made it a bit easier to navigate your way down a selection of prints and original works that can be purchased securely via Paypal.  All prices include shipping.  I have added some earlier work to the shop, which includes a selection of abstracts and the figure and I am in the process of getting more prints done to add to the current selection.  If you have any enquiries then please feel free to contact me.


I have been taking a number of walks and cycle rides around Devon, from which I’ve created a series of sketches, poems, photos and field recordings mostly on location.  I am developing this further by exploring more of Dartmoor’s landscape drawing from its rugged, dramatic forms while taking interest in the myths and folklore of this region.  I will be holding an exhibition in May, 2016, at The Glorious Art House of work based on this project.  I have also decided it’s high time I got my driving license – something that’s been on my to-do list for a while now!  I’ve postponed going traveling until maybe the end of next summer, as I have neither the time nor the money to be able to do all of these things!  In the meantime, I will be working on a series of new paintings for my upcoming show, teaching English and, hopefully, passing my driving test!  The Shop is open again for business and I am aiming to add more prints to the current selection.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries.


Finished latest commission (link includes images and a short description about the work).


Busy working on a private commission in my Dartmoor studio.  I’m enjoying how this project has evolved from what was initially drawing experiments with an interest in the unconscious and I am currently working on ideas for a poem or haiku to include in the image.  The studio is basically my Nan’s garage; my Nan suffers from dementia and so I often find myself reminding her what I am using the garage for.  Curiously, while talking yesterday, I mentioned to my Nan that the work I’m doing will involve a poem, from which Nan recalled a quote from Wordsworth’s, ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’, she read years ago, then proceeded to recite the whole thing!


Currently researching ideas for a recent commission for a client in Spain, which includes an increasing fascination with the dynamic forms of Li.  The painting will largely be based on my Dreamscapes with some poems inspired by walks on Dartmoor.  The work itself is due to begin in mid-October, after my teaching contract finishes, and I aim to have it completed by December.


I was hoping to have a fancy-pants online store, with drop-down menus and shopping carts galore, but alas, due to some technical difficulties with the web host, I’ve had to go with plan B and opt for something a little more simple and low-key.  I have set up links to pay securely via Paypal (also accepting credit/debit card payments), the slight restriction being that you can only purchase one item at a time and I’ve had to add a flat rate of £2 postage to each order (meaning I’ll lose a quid or two with worldwide shipping but never mind).  If you would like to purchase more than one print then feel free to contact me with details of your order.  I can email an invoice where you can make a single payment securely via Paypal (again, also accepting credit/debit cards), then I can dispatch your order together.


Selected, limited edition prints are now available to buy online.


I have been working for about a week in my Dartmoor studio where I will be developing new paintings, including a recent commission for a piece based on one of my Dreamscapes.


The shop is almost ready (I’m hoping in about a week) and my first set of Giclée prints arrived yesterday.  Dimensions: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4 size) on Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer paper (unframed).  They are £40 each (plus P&P) and each print will be a signed, limited edition of 200.


First set of Giclée prints have been ordered and I’m currently working on getting a secure shop online, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  My thanks to all who’ve contacted me with their kind comments and feedback – one painting has already sold and many of you have shown interest in prints so thank you!


Photo below sent from Spain by someone who purchased, Untitled, (North Thai Sunset), oil, gouache, acrylic and pencil on paper (framed).

Image from Elena


My site has gone live! I am currently teaching English to adults at a language school in Exeter while researching ideas for new paintings and my objective is to get back into the studio come autumn to develop new work. I aim to have a shop up and running in the next six weeks or so where you can buy signed prints and original works. I am available for commissions and would be particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in commissioning a landscape. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries or feedback on the site. Peace and love, Chris.