‘I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s.  I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.’  ~ William Blake

2016, The Figure (1)


I look towards the horizon
Mere glint
Of the infinity within
Reflected in endless streets
Of shadows running
Through my mind


To the stars above
Beyond where even
Consciousness can see.


Thoughts in my head
Try to make me afraid
I’ve been here
Many times before
How many times
I do not know,


Just a memory.

© Christopher Sharp

Woodland Glades

Spring in full flow
like the river sound
reverberating under the trees,
its constant journey
passing endless stars
as they start to weep
beneath a chorus
under the clouds
drenched, muddy ground
after showers and hail!
The Sun retreats
and a grey sky looms
no cause for sadness,
just a pause,
the Sun reappears
to infiltrate the woodland
giving birth to shadows
with tributaries reaching
towards an eternal ripple,
beyond yellow and green
I look towards the hill
how beautiful
to never return,
how beautiful
to imagine.
Showers fall
over woodland glades
splashes of rain
under the bridge
sound like a waterfall,
could it be like the Sierra Nevada
so wonderful in my dreams?

© Christopher Sharp