Paintings (2013-2016)

Landscapes drawing from images taken in Thailand.  I turned to the early modernists, as a result of my growing interest in Eastern philosophy, while aiming to create a sense of unity and movement.  The ‘dot-style’ from my earlier paintings on plasterboard seemed to naturally evolve into a style some have likened to Klimt and Van Gogh.  I feel one of the best descriptions came from an artist friend in Thailand when she commented that my landscapes ‘Look like they are breathing.’  From here, I began developing my dual compositions.

Work developed as a result of my curiousness towards Huxley’s idea of ancient Chinese landscapes as metaphors for the ‘Antipodes of the mind.’  Continuing research and influences include: Expressionism, colour theory, Jung, Richard Wilhelm, Rudolf Otto, Eastern philosophy, the Mandala, astrophysics, Rumi, Blake, drone ambient, Hubble telescope and walks through rural Devon.

Forerunners to my Cycle Diaries project.

I was an indie-kid in my teens and in later years I got more into the underground dance scene, mainly drum n bass, drone and dub techno.  My work has always drawn inspiration from the DIY approach and I feel these paintings unleash an ever-present punk spirit into a world of increasing rules and homogeneous gentrification (not least in contemporary art).