Flight of the Firekyma

Adrift in Amnesia

Excerpt from chapter eight: Flight of the Firekyma.

‘Unity of Kana, pah! My aim is to dissolve unity in favour of a new way of doing things! I envision a world dominated by contrivances; indurate highways, gaudy signs, obnoxious messages and poisoned food profiting an all-pervading influence little more than a scam! I intend to install a superior ruling order based on fear, division and condemnation, shackled by a method of exchange where freedom becomes a contradictory illusion. I will transform the majority of witches and wizards into a means to supplement lines of automata controlled by a select few obeying me without question! I will tear down the New Forest to make way for avarice. Subsumed into the condescension of privilege, imagination will follow suit – no more Magical Theatres, I want picture theatres! Giant screens will play host to egos made conformists by the vapid decadence I bestow upon them. Propagandising my vision, select enchanters will promote endless trite, while hypocritically portraying themselves as opposed to my rule. Idolised by millions beneath them, they will idiotically revel in the rectitude of sharing a bed with power presiding over systems of information cutting out eyes of the masses! No more staffs and wands! I will develop new spellbinding objects into which all attention will become directed and controlled. Minds will become collectively numbed by the interminable bombardment of a repugnant narcissism soaked in endless vitriol. I will create a world of soul-sucking mediocrity worshipping the mundane in the palm of its hand! Dazzled by lies, endless squabbling and perpetual banality, Cabrans will become ardent followers of my creation, while others will become its enemy; wars will rage and neither will know what is true … that I control ALL!!!’

© Copyright 2020 Christopher Sharp.  All rights reserved.

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