Drawings (2015-2018)

I used to love drawing as a kid and began getting back into it a couple of years ago, mainly as an accompaniment to research, but didn’t really look into it in any great depth.  More recently, I have been coming to increasingly appreciate the art of drawing, particularly when out sketching in various locations, which has led me to look into different techniques of shading, analysing form etc.  Mother Nature is surely the most beautiful of muses, although she is hardly conducive to modelling – never sitting still in any given pose and generally not giving a shit about what the artist desires.  She remains in constant motion, varying through an elusive will.  Here, the artist is no longer the authority, as in the traditional ‘artist-muse’ setup, but rather submits himself to a broader unity through a combination of observation, memory and hand-eye coordination among the elements.  Drawing has become an important part of helping me to connect with the continuous interplay of nature that I aim to bring to life in my paintings.  Moreover, I can work on a sketch for maybe 1-2 hours and find myself going into an almost meditative state, as I try to coordinate and attune the movement of the pencil to what the eye perceives.  Because what I am seeing is always moving, I consider the outcome of each sketch less as a ‘landscape,’ in the pictorial sense, rather a snapshot of a puzzling unity unable to be captured via less tactile mediums.  The pieces in here are a selection of sketches as part of my Cycle Diaries.