‘School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.’  ~ Ivan Illich

Return to the Fields

I grew up in a council house in a village on Dartmoor overlooking a beautiful valley we simply referred to as ‘the fields,’ where we would spend many an hour building tree houses, attempting ninja moves and exploring the terrain free as birds.  The fields seemed a world apart from the village with all its rules and in many ways to us harboured mysteries akin to ancient myths and folklore.  I was creative as a child; I particularly enjoyed drawing cartoons and was very good at theatre.  My parents also like to remind me about the time I ‘Jackson Pollocked’ their bedroom with Mum’s nail varnish!  It was Thatcher’s ’80s and, although my parents struggled a lot financially (Mum still remembers collecting firewood from the local woods, while not answering the door to the rent man because they were skint), Dartmoor was a truly magical place to have spent a childhood.  The wonderful feeling of freedom and creativity amid nature experienced by my brother, friends and me remains, I think, the single biggest influence behind my work as a ‘grown-up’ artist.

Over the years, I’ve come to view modern society and the natural world as something of a dichotomy between the village and the fields – the former in all its restrictions and hierarchies, the latter a curious paradox of freedom in elusive unity.  I am especially interested in the enigmatic connectedness of landscapes and archetypal symbols, drawing influence in particular from Eastern philosophy, poetry, astrophysics and the work of Jung and Joseph Campbell.

Somewhere along the line I started writing, mostly poetry to begin with.  2018, I finished writing my first novel, a project I had been working on for about two years around various day jobs.  Some of my favourite authors include Ursula K. Le Guin, George Orwell (1984 is a frighteningly prophetic vision), Patrick Suskind, Herman Hesse, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.  I also think Tove Jansson was a creative genius; we’d all do well to take a leaf out of Snufkin’s book!  Paperback and Kindle editions are available to buy here.  A short film based on a reading of chapter five can be viewed below.  If you would like a free taster before parting with your hard earned cash, then chapter one can be read here.

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Christopher Sharp

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