‘Life begins on the other side of despair.’  ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Percival Alexander is a paradoxical alter ego.  On the one hand, he sees so much beauty in the world, particularly the natural world (though mindful of its cruelty), while at the same time is unable to deny the despair he feels towards humanity (despite its many impressive achievements).

Over time, Percival became a vehicle to explore these constantly fluctuating contradictions through mediums varying from painting, poetry, film and fiction (which came to be known as the dub spectrum project).  Percival is therefore at once given to unapologetically foul-mouthed polemics to more thoughtful musings contemplating the mysteriously sublime qualities of nature.  To him, it’s never the same river twice.

Percival defines himself as something of a Taoist-Anarchist, ever sceptical of authority, blurring the lines between authenticity and fiction.  In a world that increasingly can’t tell one from the other, he finds the oft-trodden roads to despair inevitably lead him back to the beautiful solitude of nature and a sense of reconnection.  Among other things, he remains curious to know if the latter could ever exist without the former … would it be as beautiful?

Percival has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and collaborated with artists as far afield as Thailand, although most of his work has featured outside of the usual gallery spaces.  Samples of his debut novel, Adrift in Amnesia, can be found here and paperback and Kindle editions are available here.  Samples of his second book, The Cycles Diaries, can be found here and paperback edition is available to purchase here.

More writing can be found on his blog, Melancholic Rover, along with selected poems.

Percival loves travelling, walking, listening to old school Drum ‘n’ bass, longboarding along the seafront and riding his mountain bike through the woods.  After seeing more of the world, his dream is to live quietly off-grid in a thatched cottage, painted Chefchaouen blue, surrounded by trees and rolling green hills.

truth is vibe.