‘In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.’  ~ William Blake

Christopher Sharp is an indie artist and writer based in southwest England.  He started out as an abstract painter influenced by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.  This developed into a love of landscapes with a particular interest in his native Dartmoor, drawing from the region’s myths and folklore, alongside artists ranging from ancient Chinese painters, such as Ma Yuan and Guo Xi, to the Impressionists.

He not only considers the wilderness as the last bastion of freedom it is also rarer, more precious and awe-inspiring than any art (hence his fascination with the natural world and man’s imaginative relationship with it).  He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and collaborated with artists as far afield as Thailand, although most of his work has featured outside of the usual gallery spaces (more details here and here).

For him, the beauty and mystery of nature possesses a quality that is inherently and profoundly meaningful … in contrast to modernity, which seems increasingly pointless and stupid.  His writing, therefore, has tended to orientate from a general sense of despair towards modernity.  This dichotomy began circa 2006 by incorporating various poems and bits of text into paintings and evolved over the years into pursuing a combination of fiction, poetry and landscapes.  Christopher has no idea how or why this curious mixture came to fruition but has just been running with it ever since.

Christopher’s writing has also led to experimenting with short films, which can be found here.  Samples of his novel, Adrift in Amnesia, can be found here while paperback and Kindle editions are available here.  Samples of The Cycles Diaries can be found here and paperback edition is available to purchase here.

More writing can be found on his blog, Melancholic Rover.

Christopher loves travelling, walking, listening to old school Drum ‘n’ bass, longboarding along the seafront and riding his mountain bike through the woods.  After seeing more of the world, his dream is to live quietly off-grid in a thatched cottage surrounded by trees and rolling green hills.

He is not on social media, but feel free to contact him via the email below.

truth is vibe.

E: unityofkana(at)gmail(dot)com