I suppose I’d describe myself as a bit of a romantic – concerned primarily with the relationship between landscapes and ideas of the spiritual. I continue to research different drawing and painting techniques that focus in particular on how the light and forms of nature are in constant flux.  I am drawn to the colourful vibrancy in the work of many Abstract Expressionists, alongside the mystical sense of space and time captured in ancient Chinese landscapes and I take influence from electronic music that samples field recordings from the natural environment.  Developed largely from a number of walks and cycle rides in the countryside and coastline of my native Devon, I create paintings incorporating references to Eastern philosophy, astrophysics and elements of Expressionism.  Truth is vibe.

I aim to be mindful of the environment in my work, avoiding the use of any harmful substances, while a great number of paintings have been produced on used cardboard boxes and offcuts of wood sourced from various shops and hardware stores.  For large-scale works on paper, I use that which is FSC certified.

More information can be found in my short film below, along with my Portfolio albums and Artist CV. 

Contact: christopher_sharp(at)hotmail.com

Christopher Sharp